Slip No. 1
Slip number 1 is rented by the Jeff Schelling family.  Jeff's wife started coming to Shangri Lloyd's in the early 80s, they
own land at Shangri Lloyd's and they frequent the lake several times during the year, especially during hollidays.  They
have two daughters, Jordan and Cali.  Jordan is married to Luke Buxton and they have two children, Kinley 6 years old
and Hollis 3 years old.  Luke and Jordan are lake people and will frequent the lake about 5 times a year.  Luke has had
a boat and puts on a show on the wake board. Cali is in nursing school and is in a relationship with Daniel Page. She will
frequent the lake about 7 times a year and will be here on many hollidays.  She will frequently have 3 to 5 friends with

One of Danna's best friends is Carol (Lang) Taylor and her family will come to the lake about one time a year.  They are
a family of 4.                                                                                                                                                                   

The Schelling family are friends with the Page family.  The Page family includes Daniel, above and a total of  4 siblings,
3 of which have a significant other. They will come to the lake about twice a year and will spend a one week vacation. yo
I suppose that you could attribute part of the Page family as being a guest of Lloyd Steele

Luke and Jordan have a family of 3 who often come with them to the lake.