Purdom's Page
Tony contemplates the problems of the world
off the deck of our new lake house. He heads
to the Navy sometime around the 22nd of
October. He has just graduated basic.  
The new metal is on both
sides of the roof.  That is
Cal's butt
This is what you see of our front deck.
The house from the lake
Megan and her friend Josh.  Megan is a junior at ElDorado
Richard always sit on the sidelines and talked to the player's
girls and don't think Jeanie stared in hoops but they take a nice
Jeanie at the 07 pig roast.
Ethan and karoke with a little help from
his friends Tye Grant and Lindsay Sargent.
Cheezecake runs in the family, Richard and Ethan.  He is a
freshman at the University of Missouri, majoring in engineering.
Nice hats, Jeanie and friend Shelly are all stressed
Stairs to the loft in the Purdom's house
The loft and the kitchen on the right
Ethan and two of his
Richard and Jerry talk things over
Forth of July with Ethan and friends
Tony with one of Jeanie's favorite
Tony and Richard, Tony graduated
and is headed to Beloxie, Miss.
Megan and her date to the ElDorado Springs
Megan and her
Phil and Valary Hutchins.  
Jeannie and her sisters.
Tony and his wife, Jaynee (Beaty)