This site will list some of the properties for sale in the Mano area.  Most of the
information was attained from word of mouth so no price amount is accurate.
These are properties Dixie has
This is a friend who told me about the property before
they contacted a realtor.  Not sure what the status is.
This is the realtor card.  
Sale by Owner
Mike and Jennifer have their
house for sale.  This is the
house that Dr. and Shirley had
built.  I think the price is
Lake front home in Owl
Creek for $350,000
Judy's house right at the
end of our drive.  I think it
is $90,000
Steve and Peggy Richardson's
place and not sure the price.
Tri Lakes realtors have got it.  
Phone is 417-858-3344  This
is located across the road from
Joe's lot.  Diagonal from Sue's.
Richard and Jeannie Purdom's
house and 20 acres in El
Dorado Springs is for sale at