Taken during a wild pig hunt.  Mike Vanderhoef standing and Cliff Stoops kneeling.          Steele
A sunset off the deck of the lodge    Steele
The Great Salt Lake from the top of Snow Mast ski area     Steele
The Backbone with snow       Steele
The top of the table rock        Dick Nicolay
The Table Rock       Dick Nicolay
Long Creek Table Rock Lake, headed west on 86 Steele
Owl Creek in winter  Steele
Owl Creek at dusk  Steele
Scott Nicolay and Andrew Ralston in a tube crash.  Mark Ralston
The backbone in summer.  Steele
An eagle perched on the bluff west of point 25  Steele
Fall on the ridge trail from E to 86  Steele
Sunset over Rock Creek  Steele
Jeff Schelling in the sun.   Danna Schelling
Molly O'Brien and Whitney Eddie. Steele
Statue of Liberty  Steele
A sunpiller  Astronomy Picture of the Day
Purdom pulls his FFA group
Sharon Allman's quilt that hangs on my wall
Hootie Hollar picture taken from Purdom's deck   Steele
Sunset over Rock Creek, Rhonda Sizemore  (Steele)
The Barn (Kat Carney)
A picture from Hawaii by Kat Carney
Leslie makes a Pete Rose dive off the slalom ski. (Tye Grant)
Tim Enayati gets stuffed by Thomas Robinson
in a Pitt State vs KU game Steele
Terry Shockley took a picture of this
house fire.
An entry in the National Geographic picture
of the year contest.
Owl Creek in December Steele
Easter sunrise (Steele
Courtney Becker took this picture
from the water in Rock Creek.
Sunset over Rock Creek.  Steele