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We have a video of this fox and
fawn.  Just ask and you will be
able to see a part of their play,  At
least I think it was play.
Yes a bobcat came to
visit at least a couple of
times.  Didn't score but
sure gave a squirel a run
for his money.  Bobcats
bread through March.
The current fox litter is
looking good.
This is the bluff that we refer to as the
cave.  That is Kirk Sizemore on his way
down and Corbin and buddy on top.  
This is located just west of Eagle Rock
Bridge before the left turn to Holliday
Peak numbers of bald
eagles gather near open
water and big rivers.
Missouri Conservation
The raccoon is moving her litter to
above the front deck of the lodge.
Missouri boaters are warned to check for Zebra mussels  
They are very distructive to fish population and can clog
water intakes of boats and city water supplies.  They are
transfered on the bottom of boats coming from lakes
where they have been found.  They have been found in
Lake Tanacoma.
Gray squirrels bread through February.
Left is a male summer tanager and below
is a pileated wookpecker.
Kukal's pet skunk, Peppi will hybernate most of the winter.  
Kukal doesn't have Peppi anymore.  He gave her away to an
animal farm.
Listen for Hoo, hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo
Raccoons den up during bad
A starburst taken from the Hubble
A Carolina
Male Bluebird
Baltimore Oriole
Pileated Woodpecker and above is a
A male and female pileated woodpecker.
Our roadrunner.
Painted Bunting
Female Summer Tanager
A Sharp-shinned hawk on the
back deck.
Cold male Cardinal