Cal Hensley and Mike Vanderhoef
Cal the local builder finishes the ridge cap on Purdom's
Donna Hensley at
Pam and Jerry Hill at the Randy's new years party.  Jerry is
Debbie Stoops brother and they have the pool on top of Rock
Creek hill.
Joe, the local golf cart man, and Janet Wierschem
Mike and Doots Vanderhoef
John and Clairise, Bob and Karen's
Don Tilly the meter reader and Sue doing house stuff
Joe Wierschem the fix it man
Ed Standard and
Ed and Judy's happy hour bar
Ed Standard's train collection
Samantha Wierschem and friend Vince
Doots Vanderhoef on Janet Wierschem's bike
Randy and Sandy Harris
Sandy's lakefront
Ray Thompson
Mike and Jennifer survey a backyard
Three pictures taken on Mike and
Jennifer's trip to the Current and Jack's
Fork.  This is Mike and his dog.
My early day cycle partner, Dr. England.  He, Emma Lou and I
rode our Honda's over the best of trails.  Dr. still has the
Evenrude boat.
Samantha and Janet Wierschem +
Mike and Susan have the house on the left
and this is them at Randy's new years party
Emma Lou England and Steele at
Terry and Pam Hill's pool and