Goade's Page
Courtney with Jacy
Brennan, Jim and Courtney's son,with friend and Lindy
Darryl and Annie at their 50th
Greg and Cass's daughter, Jacy
Jim Becker is always one of the cutters.
George and Lavern Becker, Jim's parents have a home on
Kings River.
Cass and Greg's two, Jackson and Jacy
Way back, Joe Kukal, Steele and
Jim Becker, Courtney's husband has a television production company and
does adds and related stuff.  He is also pretty good at fixing up the old lake
Cass pleasing the pig roast crew.  She spent years
with the Baldknobbers and other musical groups.  
She is now a middle school teacher and assistant
volleyball coach at Spocane.
Morgan, Courtney and Jim's daughter,
is in her second year of nursing school.
Cass and her Baldknobber days.
Greg, Cass's husband, and thier son Jackson.  
Greg follows hail storms and removes dents from
Darryl and Annie in our ski the backbone days.  They spend
much of the winter in their home in Texas and summers here on
the lake.  These days both skied backwards, slalom skied and
pulled a lot of skiers.
Darryl at Brennan's
Darryl, Annie and Jennifer at Brennan's wedding.
Long time friend Dale
Friends Shirley Evans and Sid Garrett
Cass and Jackson dance to the "Johnny Dollar
Cass and Greg's future
Annie Goade, Jennifer Burton
holding Courtney Goade and
Tye Grant.
Annie and her brother Louis.