The suspension bridge at Beaver-08
The west end of the susmension bridge
The east ed of the susmension bridge
Beaver Dam with all gates open 2 feet.
Beaver Bridge at 931.9
The spray below Beaver Dam
The backbone with the bird house bases under the
water in 11 the lake level 935.45
Ty Grant on the rock on the backbone 08
Big M accross from the launch ramp
The launch ramp with the toilet under
Big M, the ramp and the gas tank
Ed Standard's dock borke loose
The makeshift ramp to our dock
Eagle Rock Marina
The railroad bridge at Beaver
Rock Creek at the bridge on E
Rock Creek with Kansas water
Water at the edge of Rock Creek Cove
Rock creek next to M
Roaring River at Muncy cemetary
Beaver dam with gates open 6 feet-11
The railroad bridge at Beaver with TR 931.9
Baker's house and his dock
Rock gone 935.  11
Water turbulence at gates open 2' and 6'
Goade's garage when the lake was 933.5
Goade's house at 933.5
Point 25 at 930.5
The rock below the stairs in Rock Creek.
The rock below the stairs.
Cave at about 914
Cave at 930.5
The railroad bridge at Beaver from the water.
Susan, Play some Jethro Tull from across the lake. 11
Table Rock dam releasing 46,000 cubic feet of water per second
Bird houses in 08.  
Shirley Evans house at 935  11
Baker house at 935  11
Volleyball net 930.  11
Randy's house and shed. 935  11
Sandy in her yard 930   11
Rock Creek Cove. 935   11
Shell Knob bridge 935  11
Boat dock 935  11