August 30th,
                                                                                                        Cassville, Mo

Brian Dixon,

On July 11th we had several inches of rain.  The lake rose to a level over 927 and we could
not get to Big M's dock in Rock Creek.  I personally went to Daren and asked what was the
plan to solve the problem.  That conservation took place on a Friday and I had a group at my
non-profit resort.  He informed that nothing could be done until at least Monday.  

Monday, Karen Brown called your office and was informed we could do whatever needed to
solve the problem but there was no offer of assistance from Big M.  I had guest following week
so some local individuals helped take an extension down to the dock, install it and the problem
was solved.

The extension that was used was purchased my me some time ago at a cost of $400 to solve
the same problem.  The extension had since deteriorated and needed repair.  I spent at least
$250 dollars on its upgrade.  

The extension was in place from July 13th until August 5th a total of 24 days.  Big M has not
offered to compensate me, or even thank me for my assistance.  You indicated that we should
try and work together so you didn't get complaints about me and my guest.  Maybe at the very
least you could inform those individuals who have complained to you that I try and help with the
dock, but compensation would be appreciated.   

                                                                             Thank You

                                                                             Lloyd Steele