Downing's Page
Paige on the zip line creating a problem that she can then solve
or maybe she is just relaxing.
She is definitely not relaxing here.  She has attack the wake
board only the past two summers and looks like her thing.
Now that is the way to walk a
dog. Malli doesn't doesn't seem
to mind.
Annie may be The Johnny Dollar
Band's best fan.  This is a
Notice all the spray, nevermind that it is on the
George does clear the wake, I just don't have a picture
of it.
George and Dr. are such good friends because of their
political affiliation.  Shirley has to help Dr. out with her support.
Virginia Lowther, Annie's mom
Paige is a freshman at Rose Hill High School and
participates in Volleyball and Basketball.  Her team had
a super season in volleyball.
Paige, Malli and Gabe Stewart
Paige and cousin
Paige, Cymille, Riley and Bailey
Good followthrough Paige
Annie and her new car
Hang on
George gets ready to pull another tuber
Annie helps dock the
Paige running at state cross country
Paige and Gabe with their Rose Hill prom
George's brother, John, and his family.  
John, Deb, Hailey and Zack
Paige at a cross country meet.