Brian Dixon                                                                                       May 17, 2015
Big M Marina

Brian, I would have forgotten about these but hearsay has come to my attention that Daren
is telling people about me and I would like to address complaints he has been talking about.
I have not used people's name because you would not disclose who was complaining to you.

     1. I hear that one complaint is that I let a friend use a slip other than mine without
     permission. Yes this is true.  It happened two times the first, I cannot recall the
     exact circumstances but late in the evening the slip was empty and      
     I thought a good friend wouldn't mind if I used the slip.  I apologized to him
     and thought the problem was solved.   The second time I came by that slip
     at 9:00pm and there was not a boat in the slip. The owner called about 9:30 and
     I immediately removed the boat.  The reason I thought he was a good friend was
     that on several occasions his daughter and her friends had used the pontoon                
     with the diving board and I had pulled his daughter and friends tubing and he
     and his family had gone with to the Shell Knob fireworks show . These events
     occurred over at least a year ago and I thought the problem was solved.     

     2.  One more complaint seems to be that a boat was tied to the end of the swim  
     dock. I think you were even aware of that event.  That was at least 3 years
     ago. A sponsor of an Fellowship of Christian Athlete group tied it there without
     my knowledge, he was confronted about the problem and it has not and will not
     happen again.

     3.  You indicated that my pontoon with the slide was not registered for that slip.  That
     pontoon has been moved.  I left it there because so many kids, local and visitors,  
     used the slide, jump off its top or even swim next to it. That pontoon has been    
     used only while I was there.  I did give Daren's grandkids permission to be on the
     pontoon as long as his wife was there to supervise. I assumed she had
     permission to be on the dock.  I truly believe the kids in this community ought to
     have access to fun things, I have fun things and they will have the right to use them.
     4.  The Henson pontoon was in my slip because the slide was in the slip across from
     their boat.  I am in the process of buying that pontoon and they say they have the
     current registration. I was not aware that the registration was not current.  

     5. I do not give permission to someone to use the dock when I am not on that dock
     with them.  Yes I gave someone permission to be on the dock when I was with them
     4 years ago and I guess she and her father thought that permission was good
     forever even without me being present.

     6.  I got upset with someone in the community because they were letting the cable
     loose so they could launch their boat.  I was being blamed. I confronted those
     individuals ask and them to tell Daren it was them. Yes I get pretty upset when being
     accused of doing something I am not doing.

     7.  I try not to hold a grudge so have a hard time when confronted with events that
     happened some time ago and were dealt with as they happened.  I apologize that
      you have been forced to deal with complaints and am doing my best to cure the situation.

     8.  I have not heard anyone talk about this but I think it is very relevant to the complaints
     you are receiving.  We have a pig roast every year on a Saturday before father's day.  
     You are invited by the way.  That weekend I had three young guest and was watching
     them swim until their mother got to the dock.  The ramp on the dock had been needing
     repair for about 2 months.  While watching these young kids swim a person brought a
     welder to the dock.  He proceeded to unload the welder and start welding telling
     the kids to not watch the weld.  The kids mother came to the dock and we all went
     to the swim dock.  Some older girls had come down to swim.  The person who was
     welding came to the swim dock and told the girls to not be in the water because
     it might be dangerous. I ask "If it was dangerous to be in the water why did you weld
     within 20 feet of those young kids in the water.  I became very upset and expressed  
     that in a very loud voice.  It is my impression that this person is still upset with me and  
     is complaining about me personally.

Thank you for reading about some of my concerns and I will continue to help solve the problem
of people complaining about my and my guest use of the dock.  


                                                                             Lloyd Steele
                                                                             cc: Daren Hedgecourt