Boulanger's Page
Corbin has played high school soccer for four
years.  Circle hasn't done awlfully well but
Corbin has.  He had a hat trick one game with
two headers.. He would like for a soccer
scholarship to help pay for his college.
What can you say about this picture.  Barb relaxing at the
Hank and his buddy Coby in the golf cart.  That is too
cleas so it isn't one of mine.
Kirk and Barb in Dick Nicolay's
boat.  Dick must have taken this
Corbin is an Eagle Scout and has his badge for this, rock
climbing.  He is good at it and is almost up to the cave..
Corbin and the family dog.  I think a miniture hot dog.
Hank is rabid K-State fan and I will cheer with him there.  
He is also a football plalyer in his own right.  He is playing
tight end and corner back of Circle's 5th grade team and
they are undefeated.
Kirk and Mitchell with their band.  Kirk might enjoy his
music just a little bit.
Corbin earned the right to be the driver for Circle High
School's robotic team and the have already won lots of
awards.  More to come, hopefully.  To the right the
robot is picking up a bottle and putting it in a tray to be
transported to another container.
Corbin with the controls and Hank.
Corbin is a senior at Circle.
Corbin's graduation
Hank on the
Hank looks then jumps from the top of the
Hank makes a