I am responding to your request to help solve the problem of fellow slip renters complaints.  Below are the actions
that I have taken.  

   1.  I cleaned the fingers of the dock next to my boat slip.
   2.  Moved one of my pontoons to a slip in another dock.    
   3.  Completed the purchase of the Pontoon in slip 19 and have the new registration in place.
   4.  Reminded people that I gave permission to be on the dock when I was with them that is not permission
        for future times.
    5. Talked to Jeff Schelling, Richard Purdom, Jon Henson, Bob Brown, and George Downing about           
        helping identify guest that they might have on the dock.
     6. Gave Daren a list of guest that might be identified as mine.  I had a total of 6 all Memorial Day weekend.

     I will continue to do things that might help eliminate conplaints coming to you and will keep you informed as to
     actions that i have taken.  I ask that you return the favor and keep me informed of any future complaint

Below are pictures of the my pontoon that will be in slip number 19.
Actions taken to solve dock problems.